Deep diving at the dot conf

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Here’s the list of attendees who have booked in for the Deep Dives, as well as locations and times. Our helpful crew will point you in the right direction on the day.

1. Connect everyday objects to the internet with the Arduino
Jeffrey Roe, TOG Hackerspace Dublin

This lively introduction will educate you on some of the countless possibilities of the Arduino microcontroller. Arduino is an easy to use device for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.  This deep dive will showcase the Arduino and the Ethernet shield.

2. The eYe Factor: how to improve your website through eye-tracking
Abi Reynolds & Stephan Weibelzahl, National eLearning Laboratory at NCI

Abi and Stephan will be discussing eye-tracking analysis and demonstrating how it forms part of their UX research in the National E-Learning Lab at NCI.

3. Data, context and content strategy
Randall Snare, iQ Content

 There’s a lot of data out there, and there are lots of ways to interpret it. Sure, numbers are impressive, but what do they really mean for your content? Using examples from her work at iQ Content, Randall will show you how to make data the bedrock of a great content strategy, using tools you don’t need to be an analytics guru to master. Find out how data can help you reach your audience, maintain (and reality-check) your content strategy and define & achieve success online – whether you’re managing a website or building an application.

4. Intellectual Property and the Internet – protecting your business online
Peter Bolger, Mason Hayes+Curran

 The internet is an old dog at this stage, but it is still learning new tricks and business users need to ensure they are up to date on the latest developments.  A dramatic increase in usage and content means that Intellectual Property can be a friend and a foe.  Peter Bolger will give an overview of IP online and around the edges.

5. Getting buy-in for your idea in the offline world
Rowan Manahan, ‘The Presenter Mentor’

Presentations are binary – they either work or they don’t. Presenting is less black and white; so your planning and preparation has to allow for those shades of grey. Rowan will show you that you can present using slides that don’t make your audience nauseous, that you can step up to a whiteboard and sketch out an idea, or that you can set aside all visual aids and just connect with your audience.

 Rowan’s deep dive will help you transform your presentation delivery, content and technology to whatever level you need. He is on Twitter as @PresenterMentor and you can find his blog here –

6. Social Media Quiz: test your knowledge, maybe gain some and have a bit of craic!
Emily Tully, Emily Tully PR & Online Communications

Having decided trying to teach the dot conf crowd anything about social media that they didn’t already know was a bit of a challenge, Emily Tully will present the Social Media quiz.  Participants, registered in advance, will be asked to submit social media questions to try and catch our surprise panel of celebrities, geeks and gurus out!  It’s just a bit of fun so you can leave your notebooks at the door.  Email your impossible social media questions to

7. Architecting for User Experience: what is UX for a geek?
Josh Holmes, Microsoft Developer Platform Group

What is UX? Isn’t that just for designers? What’s my role as a developer or architect in UX? Where do I start? All these questions and more will be tackled in this deep dive!


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