Barry Adams

Upon his first taste of the internet back in 1995, Barry Adams proclaimed that it was ‘just a fad’ and ‘would amount to nothing’. Since then Barry has spent considerable efforts removing his foot from his mouth, especially as he now makes a fairly decent living from internet-based endeavours. He’s also gotten much better at making accurate predictions of the digital future.

As the digital director at Pierce Communications – a multi award winning creative agency in Belfast – Barry leads an expert team providing web development and digital marketing services for clients across the UK and Ireland. Previously Barry worked as a corporate webmaster for technology multinationals Philips and Honeywell, web consultant for SMEs, and in-house SEO specialist for the Belfast Telegraph. Barry is an editor on State of Search, a regular speaker at UK search & social media conferences, and provides regular lectures on SEO and digital marketing for the University of Ulster.

Barry’s talk is: Digital Trends – or: where is this internet thing headed?

Big data. The industrial internet. Augmented reality. Social commerce. Not a day goes by or a new buzzword seems to set the digital world on fire, promising to change everything for everyone forever. In this talk Barry Adams will try to make some sense of it all and explain where he believes things are actually heading.


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