Emily Cunnane

With a background in marketing and major event / arts production all over the world; community management in her native Dublin was a natural progression for Emily. After a brief (!) eight year stint away from Ireland, doing the rounds in places such as London, New York, Australia and New Zealand, she felt the need for a chicken fillet roll was too much, and was lured back to home shores. Joining Yelp in January, she is now at the helm of a growing community in Dublin.

Emily’s Deep Dive

Build It And They Will Come

You go to all the trouble of building a baseball field. You want them to come right? Come, stay for a while, have a drink, relax! Then go home, tell their friends, and get them to come! In this seminar, Emily will give her experiences on the importance and ‘how to’ of building a community that will grow your business for you.


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