Horacio González-Vélez

As Head of the Cloud Competency Centre at the National College of Ireland in Dublin, Horacio González-Vélez directs NCI’s cloud infrastructure, postgraduate programmes, and research with a clear emphasis on innovation, education inclusion, and industrial partnerships.

He spent over a decade working in engineering and product marketing for innovation-driven companies such as Silicon Graphics and Sun Microsystems. Award-winning lecturer and researcher, Horacio has also carried out applied research in parallel and distributed computing, funded by a number of public and industrial organisations including the European Commission FP6 & FP7, UK NESTA, the Scottish Funding Council, NVidia, Dell, and Microsoft.

He is an accredited expert on cloud computing for the BCS, the UK Chartered Institute for IT. He has been recognised with the European Commission ICT award for his efforts on scientific dissemination and the UK NESTA Crucible Fellowship for his inter-disciplinary research on computational science. Horacio is the executive editor of Indercience’s International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing.

He holds a PhD in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh.

Horacio’s Deep Dive:

Beyond Cloud Computing: the next decade

Unless you have been living in a deserted island without internet access for the past five years, you have heard Cloud Computing a zillion times. But what is real in “The Cloud” today, what is hype, and more important what is to come.

This session intends to provide a short, technically-sound guide to technology trends in cloud computing.


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