Lisa Domican

I am the mother of 2 kids with Autism. Liam who is now 13 and Gracie who is 11. They were born in Brisbane, Qld where we lived until Gracie was 2.

We “returned” to Ireland in 2001 so my husband could enjoy the Celtic Tiger in the land of his birth. (He’s from Tallaght) When I arrived here, I had a battle to get appropriate services and schools for my kids. However, I was able to implement a home program using tutors who had worked in the Evidence Based Schools set up by parents in Ireland.

In 2008 we were accepted into Saplings Rathfarnham – an Evidence Based ABA school, and our home life improved hugely as they now had all their educational needs met in school. With time on my hands for the first time in 7 years, I worked for Irish Autism Action and through their association with O2, developed the Grace App for iPhone with Stephen Troughton-Smith.

My background pre-children was in Sales and that stood me well when it came to knocking down doors to get services for my kids. I’m also a communicator and have blogged for a number of years about my personal experiences in Autism on –

Having realised my vision of Grace App in early 2010, I have set up my own company to promote and expand it. My goal is to engage and inform as many educators, therapists, parents, carers and service providers about the importance of independent expression.

Everyone should have the right to say what they want. My aim is for them to get it!


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